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An Appointment With Me

There was an appointment in my calendar, but I didn't remember who the appointment was with, maybe a sales rep with a hot new product. I then had a buzz from the receptionist that I had a visitor, a female visitor. As I was walking up to receive her, I was now wondering what she looked like, and opening the door I saw her, prim and proper, yet with a tailored suit, which fit her so tightly, nothing was left to the imagination. I guided her toward the hallway and followed her toward my office, as I followed, I was getting a view of a curvaceous soft place, and beautifully shaped legs, which just gave my heart a little jump with every swing of her hips. As I opened the door to my office for her, she brushed against me, so that the smell of her perfume lingered for me to smell. Then as she sat down, her skirt hiked up above her knees, I think intentionally giving me a view of her thick lucious thighs.

My mind was wandering with lust, because it wasn't often I had a sales call from a female rep, but a voluptuous one was even rarer.

I sat behind my desk, but I wish I could have sat beside her at the table. And as she talked about the value proposition of her product, it was the cleavage, she was showing that was getting the bulk of my attention.

Then all of a sudden she stopped, and looked straight at me. She said obviously, your fascination is with me, not my products, so let me show you my soft placeets and let's see what you can do with them. With that she went and locked my office door, and took off her jacket, which revealed even through her silk blouse two beautiful breasts, with the nipples just poking like berries through the fabric. With that my length was now hard as rock and showing every bit of excitement that I had for her.

I was in a trance as she started this strip tease right in front of me, until she was standing in front of me with her lacy underwear and bra. I could smell the aroma coming from her smooth snatch.

It had an almost sweet smell, and with one quick movement, she was on my desk with my tongue toying at her pubes with abandon.

I could feel her strength in her thighs and as she came closer, she would squeeze me in my chair. Soon she was in a frenzy and oohing, and I was just hoping none of my co-workers could hear her. With that she jumped down from the desk and pushed me back exposing my raging hard on, which she immediately started to fondle through my pants. She said I think big johnny wants to come out and play, I will let him out of the door. And with that, she unzipped my pants, and pulled them down to my ankles as she started to stroke my chocolate bar like a big salami. To see and feel her move her lips up and down my shaft and squeeze her full breasts had me in the ultimate fantasy.

Then she topped that, but taking my length head into her lips, while she stroked my shaft and balls. Pumping me like an air pump, I could feel myself ready to explode, and she could feel me too and she prepared for the load that was about to cum. Spurts of cum were sucked up by her vacuum hose lips and not a drop was spilled. Very smoothly, she put her clothes back on went back to her seat and said: "Are you ready to complete the presentation now?"

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